FEIN solutions 

Maximize your projects with Fein’s solutions

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    Our customer’s imperative is to reduce lead times.

The FEIN solution 

Materials kept in stock for immediate use & short production cycle.


Lead time reduced from 15-25 weeks with the previous supplier to 15-25 working days with FEIN.

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    An innovative process

    Our customer was looking to making savings on the cost of the machining process.

The FEIN Solution 

An innovative process involving cold heading was rolled out, which eliminated the need for post-blanking machining.


Savings on cost and process time achieved with FEIN.

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    The ultimate in quality

    Our customer had an issue with non-conformity. Their highly technical parts used in a sensitive environment (connectors for satellites) were regularly showing incipient cracks in a ferrule.

The FEIN Solution 

  • Thorough metallurgical review and adjustment carried out by the suppliers of the materials.
  • Study of the shapes and ceramic coatings of the stamping dies.


100% compliant parts

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    Expert local partners

    Our local partners enable us to respond to technical requirements on the fringes of our specialist field of mechanised blanking and stamping, in precision fine sheet metal working, which enables us to offer technical solutions without investing in blanking press tools.

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